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X-Ray equipment or Radiography equipment are an essential part of any dental or veterinary practice.  They allow you to get a clearer understanding of your patient’s condition. This allows you to be more effective in recommending treatment options to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

Within the constantly changing world of technology, X-Ray equipment continues to improve, evolve and become more user friendly, but more reliant on software and IT interfaces to other third-party applications. It is more important than ever to make sure trained and qualified skilled technical support staff are available.

R.A Jenks have manufacture trained technical support resources available for the installation of new x-ray and related equipment or the repair of an existing unit, we are here to help. R.A Jenks can provide advice on the type of dental x-ray or x-ray equipment that is right for you. We can advise where it should be placed and ensure that the installation is safe for you, your team and your patients.

Dental X-Ray Testing & Validation

X-Ray testing, compliance testing and calibration of your equipment is becoming a complicated road to navigate, at RA Jenks we can provide:

  • Electrical testing for all X-Ray equipment
  • Service, compliance testing and calibration for – intra oral and 2D X-Ray units
  • Break fix service for – intra oral, extra oral and CBCT

Note: Compliance testing for 3D X-Ray units currently needs to be completed by a registered Medical Physicist, as CBCT Radiography equipment falls under ORS C1.

We have over 55 years experience within the dental industry and we ensure that the equipment within your practice works for you

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